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Get powerful analytics slides in minutes

Slidebeast converts your Web Analytics, Social Media or Mobile Application data into a powerful Powerpoint presentation format in minutes.

How does Slidebeast make my life easier?

Agency or brand, get rid of the presentation preparation process, while Slidebeast prepares tailor made custom Powerpoint presentations just in minutes.

Save Time For Analysis

Pick your prefered time interval, choose type of report and push download. Save your time to go over the slides and analyze.

Get All The Metrics You Need

From Enhanced E-Commerce to Site Search, Slidebeast uses Google Analytics API to include all relevant web data for your website.

Let's not forget the Insights

Slidebeast is not just a presentation! Our data analysts will also provide actionable insisights and recommendations on how to grow your business online.

How does the system work?

With 4 simple steps you can quickly access the report you want


Get access to your properties, determine your Critical Success Factors, setup the reporting system according to your needs and go


Check your current web or app assets' performance against your KPIs and start the improvement process


Share daily, weekly or monthly reports with the Brand or Agency


Tracking website developments and its impact on performance metrics Hands-on issue and growth tracking Resolved issue tracking and reporting Systematic tracking of the unresolved issues

Trusted by

Developed by a respected Start-up player Ekran İşleri, Slidebeast has proven to be a reliable product with the trust of valuable brands.


Would you like to see a report sample?

Would you like to see a report sample?

Who We Help

As an agency, you may be serving more than one brand, or as a brand you may want to quickly browse through important data from your website.


For your E-Commerce or Product Website or for a mere Landing Page or Campaign Microsite, you need to prepare reports in Powerpoint format with aesthetically pleasing tables and charts containing website growth figures to present the Company's senior management, within your department for a weekly review or to a potential business partner.


Everything looks good, your are serving more brands even though they are not on a always-on ad spending mindset, they also want their organic growth to be reported in detail. Let's think about it, a presentation takes about 4 hours to prepare and if you are an Agency with 20 brands, looks like you are between a rock and a hard place. Well, don't be. With Slidebeast you can simultaneously download any number of reports in PowerPoint format. Just add your recommendations from the system and share with your beloved clients


We know how important growth metrics are for a Startup and you might not always have access to an agency or might have decided to not work with one.. We know it, we've been there. With Slidebeast, you can receive delightful presentations daily, weekly or monthly with a side of actionable insights. You might also think of using Slidebeast for your Investor presentations. We know your time is valuable and you might be short on reporting stuff. just a thought.

Top Features

Slidebeast is the only tool you need to create a detailed presentation of your web or app performance

We work hard to make it perfect in every way.

We collect and visualize all data on your website in one happy presentation.

Acquisition, Behavior, Conversions, Technology, E-commerce, Site Search or Site Speed are some of the metrics. Be prepared to receive a presentation of up to 30 pages in total.

We never forget to add recommendations for improvement.

While the logic of Slidebeast is very simple, it is not so simple to analyse the incoming data. However, since the presentation preparation process is automated, our data analysts have plenty of time to analyse your data. What you need to do for your site to grow organically, is communicated to you monthly.

We customize the presentation according to your needs.

With Slidebeast's theme options, you can request in-detail visual arrangements and get the most appropriate presentation format according to your corporate identity.

Let's Create a Report from Scratch
If needed, Slidebeast has the capability to create a highly custom presentation from scratch.

Want to go beyond the standard formats of Slidebeast? Not an unexpected situation and of course, there is a solution. Tell us the metrics and the sources you want, we visualize these metrics and create the presentation you want. Enjoy!

How does the recommendation system work?

For those who say without any recommendations, the reports have no meaning

Recommendations for the rapid growth of your Website or App

Recommendations submitted on a monthly basis are prepared by Slidebeast data analysts both according to the value of the recommendation and the importance it provides. For example, if the loading time of your application's Onboarding page is above average, the solution of the problem is both priority/speed, and resolving the issue quickly is valuable as you will increase your new user acquisition rate. When this recommendation is given, it is labeled P1V1 (Priority 1, Value 1).

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Since 2016, we work hard for the rapid growth of our customers

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Slidebeast is developed by Ekran İsleri, a respected player of the start-up ecosystem in Turkey since 2013

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