How Can Slidebeast Make My Life Easier?

Whether you’re an agency, a startup or a brand, you can say goodbye to tedious report preparation. Instead, Slidebeast will prepare tailor-made custom Powerpoint presentations for you in just minutes.


Connect your account, pick a pre-made template or start from scratch to create your report


Save your preferences and schedule your report to be delivered to your inbox or to be downloaded from your account


With report preparation out of the way, you can save time for analysis

Save time for analysis

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Get all the metrics you need

Get all the metrics you need

Get insights

Get insights

Now that’s what we call a good lookin Slide!

Now that’s what we call a good lookin Slide!

Who We Help

To keep it short and sweet, anyone who needs to cut down on marketing report preparation time is welcome at Slidebeast

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Business Owners

For enterprises that would like to know about their brands without hassling them with the preparation process, Slidebeast is here.

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Internal reporting made easy. Let Slidebeast do the work while you analyze the data.

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Easy, fast growth metrics reporting for you or your potential investors. We know your time is valuable and you might also be short on reporting staff...

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In addition to its multiple account management and role assignment system, Slidebeast offers a set of insight generation tools for agencies

What’s New & Upcoming Features

Status update for our potential customers. See what we have done and where we are.

Development Started
June, 2021
Platform Live
June, 2022
Google Analytics Data Source Connected
July, 2022
Instagram Data Source Connected
July, 2022
Facebook Data Source Connected
July, 2022
Insights Panel Live
July, 2022
Google Analytics 4 Data Source Connected
March, 2023
Google Ads Data Source Connection
March, 2024
Youtube Data Source Connection
May, 2024
X Data Source Connection
June, 2024
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Happy Customers

  • kassa
  • littlehipstar
  • rumisu
  • yarns
  • vitra

Customer Reviews

A few of our happy clients who have made the best of Slidebeast


Google Analytics presentations which we regularly receive each month, play a crucial role in achieving our recent and future planned goals in our corporate digital communication strategy

Founder at Rumisu


Slidebeast’s innovative approach to reporting and in-depth analysis of our social media and websites gave us valuable and actionable insights

Marketing Manager at VitrA


We closely monitor our monthly KPIs with Slidebeast. Since day 1 they have taken our marketing dashboards to another level

Founder at Kassa


We have created an executive custom report with the Slidebeast including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Page Speed Insights, Klaviyo and Magento to go over on our weekly meetings. Saved tons of time.

Founder at Littlehipstar


What is Slidebeast?

Slidebeast is a marketing report automation platform with an emphasis on editable Powerpoint output. Contrary to most report automation platforms, Slidebeast does not use dashboards for live view but focuses on downloadable reports & ease of use platform simplicity so getting a report only takes a few minutes.

What is Marketing Report Automation?

Marketing Report Automation streamlines the report preparation process by pulling your updated data from marketing platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram and laying it on a white canvas, a pdf, a live dashboard or a presentation.

How does your 14 day free trial work?

Your 14-day free trial reflects the features of the Enterprise package where all features are available. No credit card needed. At the end of your trial period, you will be asked to choose a plan or go free forever. Keep in mind that if you decide to go on the free plan, you will lose all the features and data you have been using up to that point.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, if you ever decide that Slidebeast isn’t for you, you can switch to free forever and keep your data or you can delete your account along with your data.

Is Slidebeast expensive?

Slidebeast is the cheapest software available as far as report automation is concerned. The idea is to make Slidebeast available to everyone who wants to cut down on report preparation time.

Do you provide live dashboards?

No, we solely focus on reports as a shareable & downloadable presentations.