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Gulce Gumrukcu
Gulce Gumrukcu

White Label Reporting Tool with Client & Agency Logo Feature

White Label Reporting Tool with Client & Agency Logo Feature

Navigating the complexities of data can be a challenge, but having the right features in your arsenal makes all the difference. Slidebeast’s white label reporting features are meticulously designed to align with your agency’s branding and cater effectively to your clients' needs. These customizable features enhance not just the visual appeal of your reports but also their strategic impact, making every insight delivered an extension of your brand’s identity.

Explore Tailor-Made Reports with Slidebeast

Slidebeast Demo Reports, Dark, Light and Glowing Blue

Slidebeast allows you to harness the power of data from various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Google Analytics 4, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and soon LinkedIn. Agencies can customize reports by incorporating dual logos for themselves and their clients, choosing brand-specific colors or opting for Slidebeast’s color themes such as glowing blue, dark, and light. Reports further personalize by featuring a watermark of the brand’s initial letter on each report background. The flexibility extends to chart formats, with options including bar, line, and area charts, catering to different presentation needs.

Your Own Branded Reporting Tool

Slidebeast Workspace Settings

Slidebeast not only allows the integration of your agency’s unique identity into each report but also enhances brand management through its workspace settings. Within these settings, you can assign specific logos and brand colors for each client to their respective workspaces. This feature streamlines brand management, making it easier to maintain consistency across multiple client reports. Embrace a reporting tool that not only looks professional but also reinforces your brand’s presence in every analysis and presentation.

Automated Reports

Slidebeast Edit Schedule Screen

Slidebeast removes the tediousness from report preparation. Set your preferences once and schedule automated delivery of customized reports directly to your inbox or available for download. This automation ensures that your reports are not only timely but also consistently aligned with your analytical needs.

What is White Label Reporting?

Slidebeast White Label Reporting

White label reporting refers to the ability to present generic tools or products, such as analytics reports, as your own by branding them with your agency’s logo and design themes. This service allows agencies to maintain a cohesive brand experience for their clients while providing essential data-driven insights.

Slidebeast offers an innovative solution that combines robust data integration with sophisticated branding capabilities. Whether you’re aiming to streamline your reporting process or enhance your agency’s branding, Slidebeast’s white label reporting features adapt to your needs, ensuring you deliver not just data, but a powerful brand statement.

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