Google Analytics E-commerce Report Template

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Your eCommerce methodology is continually developing, and it's critical to comprehend your presentation to have the option to improve and make the most of chances as they crop up. The primary portion where you should utilize the google analytics eCommerce report is the point at which you need a Summary of Revenue, or a gauge of the Ecommerce Conversion Rate, Transactions, Average Order Value, and other metrics.

Featured Metrics

  • Key Indicators
  • E-Commerce Overview
  • Transactions & Revenue
  • Sales Conversions
  • Quantity & Order Value
  • Product List Performance
  • Product Performance
  • Sales Performance
  • Shopping Behavior
  • Shopping Behavior Abandonments
  • Check-out Behavior Analysis
  • Day of Week Report
  • Time to Purchase
  • Internal Promotion

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Google Analytics E-commerce Report Template

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