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Making reports, presentations or any similar tedious and repetitive work that we do in front of our computers is a waste of valuable time. It doesn’t matter if we work for a company, a startup or an agency, spending our time on a valuable cause or a learning experience is far better than continuously preparing slides or updating charts and numbers. So, what are we saying? We are saying save time for analysis rather than preparation. Take time to analyze the numbers and try to pull insights from them rather than crunching them. I’m sure you will love it; your customers will love it…

Take a step back and think about your expectations from a report. From a company’s perspective: you’re busy, you have to prepare a report for an internal meeting and also you want to come up with ideas that promote growth. On the other hand, as the attendees or the managers in that meeting you want to see quick take aways, insights, and recommendations. From an agency’s perspective: you want to provide value. When a client needs a quick report, that report is expected to have recommendations in it. Otherwise, it doesn’t get the job done. This is how our journey started: Providing value for our clients by saving time. When you have more than 100 marketing platform accounts to prepare reports for and you are expected to add recommendations on top of that on a weekly or monthly basis, it is quite tough to save time to go over all the data and come up with insights. So, what you do? You prepare the report, don’t save time for analysis and just write up a few quick points on what you see on the first few pages of a report. This obviously does not work for both parties. There should be solution and there is! Let our software prepare the report for you in minutes so that you can save time for analysis or anything else productive for that matter.

We are not in the business of report automation, we are in the business of saving time. This is our ultimate goal. We have started with marketing because it is our background, it is what we know and have experience in from our earlier startup ventures, but that does not mean that we are going to stop there.

Happy Customers

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Customer Reviews

A few of our happy clients who have made the best of Slidebeast


Google Analytics presentations which we regularly receive each month, play a crucial role in achieving our recent and future planned goals in our corporate digital communication strategy

Founder at Rumisu


Slidebeast’s innovative approach to reporting and in-depth analysis of our social media and websites gave us valuable and actionable insights

Marketing Manager at VitrA


We closely monitor our monthly KPIs with Slidebeast. Since day 1 they have taken our marketing dashboards to another level

Founder at Kassa


We have created an executive custom report with the Slidebeast including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Page Speed Insights, Klaviyo and Magento to go over on our weekly meetings. Saved tons of time.

Founder at Littlehipstar

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Take a look at what Slidebeast has to offer. When you look at it from a marketing point of view, we are a report automation software. But what we are all about is saving precious time. Today it’s only marketing but tomorrow it might be all sorts of reports about your production or human resources data.


Slidebeast templates make it even easier for you to create reports. These are pre made templates, hand picked and designed by Slidebeast product managers to help you start your Slidebeast Journey. We try to add new templates every month. So check back regularly.


You have all sorts of questions and we have all the answers. Well, we sure hope so. We know that in order to start your Slidebeast journey questions about pricing and plans comes first. Head over to our pricing section of our Help center. All should be there.