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What's new with the new Analytics 360?

What's new with the new Analytics 360?

The new Analytics 360 helps large enterprises understand their customers with more customization, scalable tools, and enterprise-level support.

Earlier this October, Google has announced that the new Google Analytics is ready to help you meet the challenges of an evolving measurement landscape and get better ROI from your marketing for the long term — with privacy-safe solutions and machine learning at its core. The new Analytics 360, which builds on the foundation of Google Analytics 4 properties to address the measurement needs of large advertisers and agencies with more customizations, increased scale, and enterprise-level support.

As a large company, you may have multiple teams that need access to different insights, depending on their job function, products, and markets. Let’s say your teams in the United States, Canada, and Mexico need to view the data about your four product lines to understand what’s driving sales in their markets. With the new Analytics 360, you can create four product line sub-properties for each country team and customize their settings. For example, you can link each of them with your Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform accounts that are used for the campaigns running in these countries.

You may also have analyst teams in each of those countries that need to access the data across all product lines for their markets to understand what’s driving sales for your brand locally. You can easily do that by creating dedicated roll-up properties for the United States, Canada, and Mexico across all four product lines. That way, they’ll be able to better understand the audiences that are interested in your products and share insights with other local teams. Roll-up and sub-properties will only be available in Analytics 360 and will launch in the coming months.

You’ll also be able to create your own user roles in Analytics 360 to control feature access for certain groups of users. For instance, you could create a role for an agency partner so they can understand which campaigns are driving conversions on your website, but can’t access data about your revenue or organic traffic.

Scalable solutions for growing enterprises

The new Analytics 360 can scale as you grow your business and your needs become more demanding. It has higher limits for up to 125 custom dimensions, 400 audiences, and 50 conversion types.

The new Analytics 360 is now in open beta for all existing clients. Follow these instructions to upgrade your Google Analytics 4 Properties to the Analytics 360 beta.

What are the key benefits of upgrading to Analytics 360?

  • Sampled Data

As Google defines here, “sampling is the practice of analyzing a subset of all data in order to uncover the meaningful information in the larger data set.” Google Analytics has sampling limits applied across reports and filters in both the free version and Analytics 360. However, the largest impact on sampling is around the collection of hits. Google Analytics (free) caps the hits collected at 10 million per month, per property. If you’re over 10 million hits per month, you’re making business decisions off of sampled data.

  • Google Marketing Platform Integrations

It’s not surprising to hear your organization may be spending a significant amount of media dollars with Google considering their scale and reach. The ability to build remarketing lists and audiences with Google’s Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360 is only available with Analytics 360. Many organizations also keep all of their first- and third-party data in Google BigQuery which allows them to create custom cohorts for their customers (think high-, medium-, and low-value customers). Analytics 360 offers a measurement protocol to take these audiences directly into the platform for targeting marketing campaigns. These are critical features that organizations need in order to maximize their ROI for media. Considering that companies spend millions on Google media, a $150,000 investment in Analytics 360 is minimal and can pay for itself quickly by reaching customers more efficiently and effectively.

  • Data Freshness

This one is particularly critical for organizations that need to understand their data quickly in order to modify their marketing campaigns. The data freshness in Google Analytics is not guaranteed and can be delayed 24-48 hours; Analytics 360 provides a guarantee of 4 hours or less. Some of our largest retail partners typically see their data updated within an hour. Timing is critical, especially for a brand that is operating in high seasonal timeframes like Black Friday or Mother’s Day.

  • Data-Driven Attribution Reporting

Analytics 360 opens up a number of data-driven attribution reports to help move beyond last-click attribution. These reports allow you to give credit for conversions based on how people search for your organization and become customers. This helps you understand which ads, campaigns, or keywords have the biggest impact on reaching your goals. Not to mention, you can optimize bidding based on real data by having the Google media and Analytics 360 integrations.

  • Enterprise Support

It’s no fun to dial a 1-800-number or file a ticket to try and solve a problem only to wait several days for an answer. A free platform does not come with support for your organization. An enterprise license via InfoTrust comes with a dedicated team, support/training, and guaranteed SLAs to make sure you’re addressing any challenges or opportunities quickly.

Will I lose my historical data when I upgrade to Analytics 360?

This is a common fear for organizations, but an easy answer. No, you will not lose your historical data when upgrading to Google Analytics 360. This is true if your current analytics platform is Google Analytics (free).


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