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How to Find Bounce Rate in Google Analytics 4?

How to Find Bounce Rate in Google Analytics 4?

Navigating the intricacies of Google Analytics 4 can be daunting, especially with its redefined metrics like engagement and bounce rate. In this guide, we'll delve into how GA4 has shifted the focus from traditional bounce rate to a more holistic view of user interactions, detailing the steps to find bounce rate in this new framework and clarifying the distinction between engagement rate and bounce rate. This information will help you leverage GA4 effectively to gather meaningful insights about user behavior on your site.

What Does Bounce Rate Mean in Google Analytics?

In Universal Google Analytics, "bounce rate" historically referred to the percentage of single-page sessions, where visitors leave the site from the same page they entered without any interactions. It served as a metric to evaluate user engagement and the effectiveness of an entry page at prompting further site exploration. This concept, however, has shifted in Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which focuses more on engagement metrics rather than single-page interactions.

These metrics include the engagement rate, which evaluates the quality of sessions based on criteria like session duration, page views, and conversion events. An "engaged session" in GA4 is one where the visitor stays on the site for at least 10 seconds, views more than one page, or triggers a conversion event.

How to Find Bounce Rate in GA4?

To view bounce rate in GA4, which is not available by default, follow these steps:

Google Analytics Explore Tab

Navigate to 'Explore' from your GA4 dashboard, select Free Form.

Google Analytics Explore - Free Form

In the exploration tool, add "Bounce Rate" as a metric if it is available from the list of metrics.

Google Analytics Explore - Free Form Report

Add relevant dimensions like "Page Path," "Source," or "Campaign" and remove unwanted data for clear analysis.

What is The Difference Between Engagement Rate & Bounce Rate?

The difference between engagement rate and bounce rate in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) lies in what each metric measures. Engagement rate reflects the percentage of sessions that are considered engaged, meaning they last longer than 10 seconds, have more than one page view, or include a conversion event. This metric assesses active user interactions and their depth of engagement with the content.

In contrast, bounce rate historically measured the percentage of single-page sessions with no interactions, indicating visitors who left the site quickly. GA4 shifts focus from bounce to engagement to better represent user behavior.

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